Who said it’ll be easy?

Happiness attracts happiness.

Yet we use so many excuses as to why they can’t be happy.

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My request before you even read any further:
make one commitment today that will purely benefit someone else and share that commitment with us so it’s in black and white out in the world.

Would u stand against an injustice that impacted millions because it’s what you believed in, even if it meant risking everything you had worked for, including jeopardising the safety of your family? Continue reading

Thriving past Surviving.


Two years ago today I shaved my head on National television in solidarity with many who were facing the diagnosis of Breast Cancer & the journey towards remission. I was also in the middle of chemotherapy at the time, so my baldness was inevitable. I wanted to say out loud that when it comes to health, my beauty or lack thereof meant nothing to me.
I was determined to do whatever I needed to, embrace the present reality to get to my end goal of remission.

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Picked up a few things along the way…

Wisdom and inspiration comes to me through many people, but this Woman moves me with every written and spoken word.

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My Turn.


Just kidding. Not Yet anyway!

From being an impact entrepreneur in the days when development work and “philanthropy” were considered past times of the rich & bored (of which I was neither) Continue reading