Man is a relational being, hence, he thrives on interaction. He is social in nature and constantly attempts to reach out to his fellow man. Even though it is not good for man to be alone, sometimes it becomes inevitable as we may often find ourselves lurking around the corridors within the dungeons of loneliness. Continue reading


Watch “The Daily Show – Brave New Girl” on YouTube

Disclaimer: I can’t bring myself to watch celebrity news, the Kardashians or any of these nonsense real housewives shows.

This culture of celebrity worshipping is dangerous and many of the celebrities themselves are negligent and irresponsible.

I have personally never heard “Riri” say anything vaguely intellectually stimulating but I know what the crevice of her butt looks like.

Increasingly we are judged solely on “fashion diaries” and who can look hotter in a selfie, but where have all the real women gone?

Why are we not stepping up to show our girls what real women do? We care. About real life things. Not as an afterthought, but as every thought.

Celebrity is so fake, plastic, pretentious too often. How often do these celebrities do real things for the people who support their careers by tuning in,  not because camera’s are there, their waist trainer is on and they have a good pout game?

An internationally endorsed local celeb hosted a fundraiser for education through @myfuture1st a few years ago. Not only did she have no idea what @myfuture1st is,  but she didn’t even bother to learn the name of the project.

Where are the new @rosiemotene ‘s who give back and care and are still beautiful and glamorous?

I am not saying that we shouldn’t do both,  but the pressure on women is immense and those with the power of influence should use said power for the greater good of our World, the same world that feeds them and keeps them clad in Louis Vutton and hardly anything else…

Jon Stewart, someone who I greatly admire spoke of  Caitlyn Jenner (a famous sex change operation from man to woman) so accurately; Well done Caitlyn for crossing over. Now your lifetime of Olympic and other achievements will never be mentioned because everyone will only be judging you on how you look as the value that you bring to the world. You are now a Woman.

That scalded my soul.🔥

Time for us to fire up those ovaries and Woman Up! And it starts with us, no one else.

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Hello 2015, You Sexy Thing.

I read once that integrity is when what you BELIEVE, what you THINK, what you SAY and what you DO are all in line with one another.  CONSISTENCY.  I often I think one thing, but then don’t follow through in my actions, sometimes because I forget or because it’s difficult. I claim to believe in patience, but then find myself grumbling at someone who is taking too long to help me or when I have to wait in a queue.
A really great friend always says: I say what I do & do what I say. 
Goal #1: be consistent!
2015-01-16 06.41.43


My request before you even read any further:
make one commitment today that will purely benefit someone else and share that commitment with us so it’s in black and white out in the world.

Would u stand against an injustice that impacted millions because it’s what you believed in, even if it meant risking everything you had worked for, including jeopardising the safety of your family? Continue reading

Thriving past Surviving.


Two years ago today I shaved my head on National television in solidarity with many who were facing the diagnosis of Breast Cancer & the journey towards remission. I was also in the middle of chemotherapy at the time, so my baldness was inevitable. I wanted to say out loud that when it comes to health, my beauty or lack thereof meant nothing to me.
I was determined to do whatever I needed to, embrace the present reality to get to my end goal of remission.

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