My request before you even read any further:
make one commitment today that will purely benefit someone else and share that commitment with us so it’s in black and white out in the world.

Would u stand against an injustice that impacted millions because it’s what you believed in, even if it meant risking everything you had worked for, including jeopardising the safety of your family?

Resulting in a 27 year sacrifice that may or may not free those same people whose freedom you have been fighting for, including your own…

This is how I think about Tata Mandela.

We live in a #selfie society. So much of the focus is on us, our lives, our complaints, successes and vanity.

So many of us lack the empathy to care about not just only our own future and present, but the daily reality of our fellow human beings.

Often when we speak of legacy, we speak of wealth, power and influence. Yet what we admire most about Tata Mandela’s legacy was how he used his life to free us and give us an opportunity to live a life that they were denied.

If I can do one thing in my life, it would be to emulate his greatness. In the work that I do,  as selfish as this is, the question I ask myself is; how can I make sure that these people end up being better, greater, wiser than me…

In my reality, I am surrounded by magnetic young people who, if given the correct guidance,  love & opportunity,  can solve our most pressing problems as a society because these problems need creativity, innovation, passion and commitment.

We need to stop complaining about our country,  realise that taking the easy way out is not the solution and make investments that don’t only address the bottom line, but offer real value and impact to our country is the way forward. Please stop painting schools and buying toys!

It’s all of our responsibility to make a REAL impact.

This is the country that raised us and some of us were blessed with education, family, love and guidance. I am often amazed by the generosity and love I am given by those who don’t have these blessings but are still willing to share and give and grow others.

This is my commitment:
To be a catalyst of effective empowerment and transformation.

This is an ink drawing done by one of my exceptional, talented beautiful souls who is part of a programme that I am so proud of, @myfuture1st.

Nurturing talent like this, changing just one life makes it all worth it.



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