My Turn.


Just kidding. Not Yet anyway!

From being an impact entrepreneur in the days when development work and “philanthropy” were considered past times of the rich & bored (of which I was neither) to conquering cancer before my 29th birthday, I’d say that my life has been pretty darn eventful. Admittedly, far more eventful than I would’ve liked at times, but I made sure that I maximised on the adventures as they presented themselves nonetheless. One for the autobiography as they say!

A really good friend of mine has beautiful, elegant penmanship and when we were 20 years old, I watched him draft hand written letters to his unborn children documenting the lessons that he was learning as he was going through them. I admired this and always wished that I had the inclination to transfer my knowledge in an endearing and beautiful hand written memoir to the future apples of my eye. Alas, my attention span is short and my handwriting leaves one thinking that I am an MD so pursue these fantasies I did not.

The funny thing about cancer and the treatment thereof is that it leaves you with a lot of time to think. Observe. Analyse. Reminisce. And think some more.

You get to do this in the quiet fragility of a body undergoing chemotherapy. Nothing quite like your vibrant twenty eight year old fresh energetic body being zapped of all energy, life force and stamina (with your permission) to force you to hold up the mirror and really look at yourself.

Somewhat hesitantly, I reopened the fantasy of penning my life “lessons” and experiences when I realised that by sharing them I was lightening my load and connecting with people who were going through the same experiences or feeling the same way but felt utterly alone.

Entering the last few months of my twenties before I hit the little 3-oh, I started reflecting on some of the bigger moments that have shaped the person I am today and has allowed me to freely and boldly pursue my dream of real youth empowerment, not the wall painting and garden planting nonsense that we’ve been trained to accept as legitimate development interventions.

The biggest lesson I guess for me is that nothing we experience is unique. Someone, somewhere understands what we are going through and what we will go through. In fact, most of the reading and lessons that I plan to share have been written by someone else somewhere along the line. It resonated with me and I hope that it will resonate with you too.

Steve Jobs said, “I want to put a ding in the Universe.” Well Mr Jobs, I see your ding and raise you a dong.

Watch out for my Thirty Lessons from my roaring twenties over the next few months & please share your lessons that I can take with me into the next decade of my life to ROCK the dirty thirties with style, grace, dignity & meaningful impact.



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