Dear Me, Happy First Bday!

Dear Me, Happy First Bday!

I was told by someone that my body is going to be brand new. This means that I will be given the opportunity to build this body up from scratch (yes, chemo kills everrrrything, fortunately cancer included). After contemplating his words, I knew that this birthday was going to be truly special…
It’s my first birthday.
I love this concept, I have had this rare opportunity to start again, a do-over, take two.
They say in life that we don’t get second chances, but au contraire, here I am in basking in the light that is my REMISSION!
Being cancer-free is one thing, but staying cancer free, is where I intend to live.
That requires a significant shift from old to brand new.
New thoughts, new body, new mind.

I’ve done the other way and now I’m keen to see where this new path takes me! I’ve always been up for an adventure.

I dont have a new lease on life, I OWN this life!

I think I’ll hold onto the title of “Conqueror Karissa” though, has a nice ring to it 😉

Conqueror Karissa


2 thoughts on “Dear Me, Happy First Bday!

  1. You inspire me too look beyond the self impossed limitations and fear and reach for higher dreams and infinite possibilities. My adversities are small compared to yours and yet your capacity to care for others has no limits. God continue to bless and protect you, Angel Conquorer Karissa

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