My World Cancer Day Message!

Today is #WorldCancerDay.
Many people think that I shaved my head to be fashionable, which to be fair, I have been threatening to do for the last few years…
ksam shave

Being mid-treatment, I often reflect on the trials & triumphs that I have faced with many of my fellow patients going through this with me.
Instead of the “why me”, I chose to focus on “what can I do to change my life to maximise what I have & live the best life that I possibly can”.
One of the things that I am capable of doing is spreading the word & opening Your eye to the facts of Cancer.
Prevention is possible, early diagnosis saves.
It will be the reason why I’m alive and kicking in 50 years!
I realise that #cancer is not an easy battle or even a battle that can be won overnight, but for me, I have not accepted this as a battle. This is another chapter in my story & I’m committed to make my story end happily.
On #WorldCancerDay we can encourage #cancer patients not to keep quiet about the challenges they face so that we can all support them more! #ksamsays



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