Dark days

There is no strength in playing into our weaknesses.

At the end of the day, darkness is INEVITABLE. We will all face trials & tribulations. Whether you’re rich or poor, fair or dark, good or evil – you’re human and to be human, we accept this fact of life’s hardest lessons being taught to us in sometimes cruel and unusual ways.

By being strong and fighting through the darkness, we earn our stripes in life and at least, on the other side we come out a better, stronger person.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that if you’re going to go through heavy times, you earn something, learn something to make it all worthwhile!

There is a way out. There is always another day. Much like the inevitability of darkness, so comes the hope of light. The sun always rises. Question is, are you going to live through the night to watch that sunrise?

Where I came from:

Where I am:

Where I’m going:


2 thoughts on “Dark days

  1. Dear Ksam,

    Thanks for sharing the thought about tough times or dark hours that we all have to face and yes one has a choice to go through waiting for sunshine on the other side or one may as well as lock themselves into emotion self pity party.

    The choice is simple when it is dark be the light or bring the light, when if you can’t stay focus, do what is important to you waiting for sunrise.



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