I Don’t Want To Go Home

“Do birds go back to the nests in which they’re born? Not after building their own nests, I imagine. But they survive on a different code than we do, and we had to build planes to help us fly. They are built for it. Before planes, it was a much more difficult task to move away. Eventually, it also becomes a difficult task to want to go back home, because what waits for you there? An escape from the life you now live? This — here — is the present. Who knows where the future might be? Who knows what an individual person’s priorities are, and who’s to say whether they’re right or wrong? It is not a sign of defeat to want to revisit home, to be a child again, to be cared for by parents and friends if you’re so lucky to still have them. Nor is it a mark of insensitivity or ungratefulness if you can’t, or don’t want to go home.

Maybe you’ve rebuilt a nest already, and you’re already home.”
— Ella Ceron, I Don’t Want To Go Home

This resonated with me.

I have a wonderful home. Awesome parents. Incredible actually. But home where I grew up holds a different kind of comfort and space than home, my home.

As much as this peice resonated with me, my home doesn’t have cooking as good as back home, so every Sunday, that’s where you’ll find me. Willing and hungry.
{love you mom}


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