Life has seasons.

Summer’s End



Summer – it’s a time of abundance, to enjoy the summer sun, flowers and fruits … but, summer, like everything else, doesn’t last forever. If summer was forever, all the energy and potential would reach its limits and inertia would set in. And so slowly but surely, the cycle turns; everything moves on. Everything has its own time; its own season. Remember, the end of something good, means the start of something also good. All you have to do is be connected and in tune with the natural flow of nature’s energies.

~Thought For

What I love about this piece is the hope that it brings, the hope that each season brings something fresh, new challenges, new triumphs pending… hope.

I don’t see seasons in my life to be years at a time, I don’t like the idea of the fact that I can only have one Summer and my later years will be a Winter. I have seen 50 year old women have a new lease on life and enter Summer.

I like the idea of life reflecting our years and our seasons changing as we grow. The hope that comes with the notion of having more than one Summer to bask in the sun, more than one Autumn to regenerate and more than one Winter to hibernate creates a sense of peace and tranquility. 

No matter what decision I make today, I will always have an opportunity to grow, reflect, learn from my mistakes and have an opportunity to rectify them.

Life is seasonal, embrace every season, celebrate the joys and falls of every season.


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