Take a Moment*

The search for peace of mind, happiness & bliss…

We all try to find our space in this world. I had to share this post by Russell Simmons, a man I have great respect for.

“No scripture, no prophet, no religious or spiritual practice will ever say that money will make you happy (calm the noise). It took me thirty years of being in the public spotlight to get to where I am today in my understanding of this. It takes constant meditation to remove this ever present noise. There is no happiness until the mind is still. The cause of all sickness and sadness is the fluctuation of the mind.

One of the quick fixes (aside from drugs) is to find someone who is like minded and who has the same daily struggles. You are hoping that the next relationship is the one that makes you calm and then something inside of you tells you that there’s something missing. So, we are constantly looking for that person. The problem with society is that they say, ‘they have money, so they should be ok.’ That is a misconception. Money or fame won’t calm the noise. How did Britney Spears react? How did Amy Winehouse react? How did Whitney Houston react? The only goal in life is to calm the noise. Every creative moment and every happy moment comes when the noise is calm.”

Take a moment whenever you remember just to stop. Be still and silent. Sense the quietness of that moment and visualise yourself stepping into an ocean of calm. Submerge your whole being in the quiet waters. As the waves of that calm ebb and flow, begin to unburden yourself. Slip into that place of no thinking and become completely still. Now, in that stillness, become aware of your ‘original’ self. This is the real, true you. Let it appear quietly but brilliantly. After some moments, emerge from the still waters and try to retain an awareness of the true you as you go back to your everyday affairs.


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