The Movement

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

The best ride that I have chosen is becoming an impact entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship in itself has been a journey and a half and still I learn more everyday!


On Saturday we launch my latest project:


South African Young Women Entrepreneurs

I’ve been about promoting women and uplifting girls from the time that I was just a little girl and one of my biggest problem with our wonderful fairer sex is our lack of camaraderie. Men are quick to support and back each other, these strengths play even more of an impact in the entrepreneurial world.

Tired of complaining and learning the hard way, my business partners and I decided to take a stand and create a space that would build women, encourage them to build each other both personally and in their businesses – a real support network for up and coming and established female entrepreneurs.

The birth of SAYWE was so natural, an indication of the need has been the great response that we have received.

Saturday will see us launch. I am super excited and so proud of this baby. Can’t wait to see where this movement takes me.



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