It starts with Sand

Start with some ordinary sand. Heat it, put it through some trials, and it becomes a glass. Glass can look nice and shiny, but only having been through one trial, it is easily shattered. It was not very strong.

But heat it more, crush it, compress it, put it through this over and over for years and years, and much of it disintegrates. That which did not disintegrate became a diamond. It became stronger, more resilient, with a depth clarity, and beauty to it that cannot be unmatched. It cannot be shattered with just one blow.

If you have been through many trials, if you have been heated, crushed, pressured, and driven to your very limit, you may feel as though you cannot take anymore. But realize, please realize, you are stronger, more resilient, more beautiful, and have more clarity and depth than ever before. You can no longer be shattered with just one blow.

If you have made it through, you are precious and rare.

You are indeed a diamond.

Written by Doe Zantamata from Happiness In Your Life



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