Before & After

After the ball was over,
Mary took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in the water,
Hung up her wig to dry,
Put her peg leg in the corner,
Hung her tin ear on the wall.
There wasn’t much left of poor M-a-r-eeeeeee
After the ball!

I loved this poem growing up – being in the Roald Dahl spirit of all things twisted and slightly gross.

I can’t help but love the visual of Mary even in this day in age because it speaks so true of the world Im living in now where it is expected that I wear make up to show the façade of flawless skin, sweet rosy cheeks, defined eyes, the perfect pout framed by not a single hair out of place.

Let me not lie, I love to feel beautiful and look good, but to maintain this high standard on a daily basis which is the expectation, is just not something that I will spend my energy investing in.

Either you accept or reject my particular variety of beauty, but I refuse to conform to Barbie standards to be taken seriously or gain someone’s respect.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance or even worse, neglect your hygiene! I do not associate dolling myself up to look flawless and perfect to taking pride in my appearance and being ready to take on the World.

There will be days, or even weeks where I don’t wear makeup or put on a pair of heels and I can assure you, the people who judge me for daring to go au natural, are missing out on me, my hard work and my vision that I strive to materialise every day.

I am on the cover of November 2011 Destiny Magazine for being one of their “Power 40 under 40”. I am so grateful that my work has earned me the recognition to be granted the opportunity to grace the cover of such a prestigious magazine for intellectual women.

Someone said to me in jest, but you don’t look like that everyday. And you know what, I don’t and it’s okay! It took a makeup artist, hair dresser and stylist to get me looking like that after 3 hours… What kind of example would I set for the girls whom I work with if I lived the life that “image” is all that matters? What happens when your looks fade? Madonna can only have so much botox and do so much yoga before her age catches up with her you know.

My inspiration for this post was Britney Spears.

Britney Spears volunteered before-and-after pictures to be shown to schools to help girls overcome body image issues.
I love the fact that she did this. And although she looks great without the airbrushing, you could see a big difference in the before and after.

Cheers Britney! Im glad that she is using her influence for the power of good 🙂


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