Missing: Children

Snow White and the seven dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Lion King, Bambi – the real Disney classics.

I am proudly a child of the nineties.

I remember when I was about four years old my mom and I went to this rad new place called “The Wheel” (a shopping centre with a Ferris Wheel in the shopping centre looking out onto the road – how cool!) for our mother-daughter day out which for a university student was buying me a book, watching the latest Disney movie and going for ice cream afterwards.

These moments were the highlights of my childhood and for every moment, there is usually a well placed Disney theme song to go with it.

My poor boyfriend person can attest to the fact that I am probably one of the worst people to watch Aladdin with – you can barely hear the movie over my not-so-flattering belting of all the tunes and words of the movie.

And what about my oldest friend Parusha who has been acting out scenes of Sleeping Beauty with me since we were is nursery school together? Past tense, we’ve stopped doing that now, she’s gone on to become a real live Princess Jasmine and marry her Prince in a dream wedding with beautiful long black hair adorned by jewels. I am so proud. #livingthedream

Interrupt these idyllic memories from a decade or two back to tonight’s DISNEY movie that shook me to the core. This is not a movie review, au contraire, this is a culture shock that I write about.

Gone are the days where Disney meant singing, castles, magic spells or talking tea pots – welcome teenage sex, partial nudity, burning crosses, swearing and outright violence.

Yes, you read correctly – DISNEY. I watched a movie called Fright Night. As far as movies go, it didn’t bore me to tears. Granted, I spent most of the movie in awe and disbelief that this came from a Disney distribution??
AND it was only PG13!

Where have all the children gone? Is this acceptable? Am I so out of touch about what’s acceptable in our society to think 13+ kids should not be allowed to watch this? Did we watch stuff like this when we were 13??

I wonder if Walt is turning in his grave…



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