In the Deep

There’s no where better to learn how to swim than the deep-end.

It sucks. You get water up your nose and all you hear is the sound of water frantically thrashing around you, but booooy does that survival instinct kick in.


You can prepare and study and read up on swimming techniques, flotation and how to hold your breathe underwater a thousand times, but none of that counts until you actually take that plunge and do it!

When I was around 5 years old, I was thrown into the deep end of the pool with no arm bands, no polystyrene ring, just my scared little body.

I remember all the chaos of my limbs thrashing and swallowing water, my mother in a stricken panicked state. But it was my father who threw me into the deep end, no mistake or accident about it.

You see, I had attended swimming lessons and knew how to swim from the time that I was a toddler, but fear held me back. Fear kept me only swimming in the shallow end. Fear kept my tiny hands clasping for dear life onto the side wall if ever I dared venture towards the deep end.

Fear kept me from swimming and experiencing my own knowledge and skill in practice.

As you can see, I am still alive, I didn’t drown and in fact – that is the day that I officially learnt to swim. Yes, militant style parenting is not my favourite idea, but my dad did me a great favour that day. He taught me about fearlessness.

That element of fearlessness, now ingrained in me, is something that I am quite proud of – it has allowed me to leap when I didn’t know where I was going to land, to swim into the unknown and to venture forth on my entrepreneurial endeavors.

And yes, Militant Dad whose fearlessness borders on morbidity seems harsh for a kid, but I thank him. I know that no matter where on earth I find myself, my boldness will enable me to find myself safe & taken care of, no matter what situation I’m in.

Nowadays, Militant Dad doesn’t have to throw me into the deep end anymore, he has to stop me from jumping in 🙂


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