Forward & Upward

The “joys” of being an entrepreneur is supposed to be that you are your own boss

But what does that actually mean?

Your success is entirely dependent on the amount of energy, effort and time that you are willing to invest into your business. This is the same principle that we apply in social entrepreneurship. Just cos it’s a business that works towards a social cause, does not mean that we work any less!

In fact, social entrepreneurship is arguably more difficult that entrepreneurship. We are basically trying to solve the World’s problems 

Ambitious? Perhaps! But I assure you, as arduous and uphill the road to success is, the rewards are far more satisfying than my words can begin to explain.

Check out the Millenium Development Goals:

Most Social Entrepreneurs that I personally know are working towards one of these goals, myself included.
It’s a pity that South Africa has not launched a big enough campaign educating our nation about the MGD’s and encouraging people to LeadSA by supporting the achievement of these goals.

A fellow social entrepreneur and Futurefit class mate Reinoud has launch a campaign called Shake The World to bring light to these goals:

My fellow social entrepreneurs inspire me to stick to my vision, to work towards the actualisation of my grander, universe-reaching dream.

I am privileged to get to work with the best social entrepreneurs who are making big impact with dreams as big as their hearts!

Every time I’m feeling weary, I remind myself that I’m on the road to success, there’s just a little traffic 😉

*Today’s post is dedicated to my partner Ezlyn Barends. Happy Birthday to an inspirational woman whose life is dedicated to uplifting people’s lives.


3 thoughts on “Forward & Upward

  1. Hi Karissa,

    Good post!! Just a quick note as you give me too much honour here. It was my business partner Jop Blom who is has developed the campaign together with a dedicated team. I have merely secured that there is a solid foundation now to make the campaign as big as you wish – and I believe most certainly that this campaign can be that big!!

    In any case, thanks so much for the beautiful words and spreading the message! Just know that you have now officially ben Shaking The World as well!!

    Cheers, Reinoud

  2. Lovely post Karissa! You’re such a good writer – I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanx also for inspiring me girl! It’s good to know there’s someone like you out there in this world, someone who shares similiar dreams and visions of what our beautiful planet and even more beautiful humans can be like :-). xx

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