I’m a Great White, you’re a Flounder

Power –

Money, power and fame, the tripod that so many are striving to achieve.

No judgment to those looking to conquer that tripod, but my experience yesterday, a power-greedy sour Metro officer was a rude awakening to what happens when you give someone who feels “wronged” by the World a little bit of power…

I have one of those “pull me over” faces – just last week I was pulled over 6 times in 3 hours, so dealing with police is something that Im used to and do so on a weekly basis.

When she, the Great White, pulled me over yesterday, I could tell that I was going to be there a while….

Like a good citizen, my car registration was up to date, my drivers licence was in order, I was not on my cellphone whilst driving, I was within the speed limit (admittedly for a change), I was polite when being pulled over and waited patiently as she checked the car.

It was after ten minutes, three circles by the Great White around the car and a refusal to let me have my licence back that things got sticky.

And by sticky, I mean that she was there to exert her authority, she would find something to give me a ticket about! I got bitten. Twice.

© Tony Garcia / SuperStock

So after twenty minutes, she decides to issue me with a ticket because my licence disc is stuck between the two old ones and I said fine with no reaction, stupidly making a comment about being late and requesting that she issue the ticket speedily so that I could be on my merry way.

To which she responded, “ooooh okay, I will keep you here as long as I want”.

I wont go into the racist remarks, two tickets, attacks on my family and level of education that proceeded this remark in the forty five minutes that I was kept there, but after my anger passed, I was left with a great sadness about what had happened.

What do we need to change about our society to uplift our public servants so that they don’t feel “wronged”, unappreciated and disrespected?

Monthly we hear stories about our unpaid educators, overworked nurses and understaffed police force who are striking, involved in scandals or abusing their position.
How do we bring our public servants on board to our Country’s mission and have them participate in the tasks by looking at them as a contribution to our society and not just a job.

What are we doing to THANK those public servants who are committed to their duties despite the hardships that they endure?

What if we start by offering respect and a courteous greeting instead of irritation at being pulled over? Could we make that person’s day?

Small gestures of kindness to our public servants? A smile?

How about acknowledgment of the fact that they are working under difficult circumstances to serve us and our Country?

Perhaps, just maybe if we start changing our attitudes and start showing some appreciation, they wouldn’t feel the need to enforce the power and authority they have over us when we’re abiding the law?

Just a thought…


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