Fit for the Future

I am abundantly blessed.

I had the honour of being selected to attend the 6 month Social Entrepreneurship course aptly named FutureFit.

FutureFit is a social entrepreneurship joint venture between BoE Private Clients and the 3i’s Group.The objective of this cause-driven initiative is to enable entrepreneurs to generate and sustain new opportunities for social transformation.

What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.


My mind has officially been blown!

It was enlightening, uplifting and inspiring to be around so many people who dedicate their lives to social upliftment. I found strength through their empathy as I spoke of my journey to becoming a Social Entrepreneur.

It was amazing to listen to so many people speak their story and find that where I thought I was walking a very lonely path (or building one), there were so many others who echoed my sentiment, shared my trials, tribulations and triumphs.

My final thought of comfort: I belong.

I am now part of a group of people who “get me”.

No, I do not work for a “charity” (hearing that word is a pet peeve!).

I am a social entrepreneur, I work in youth development, upliftment and empowerment towards my vision of uplifting our Country.

And I’m getting better at it with each passing day as The Ntshulisa Foundation affects each child/youth that we work with…

Through Future Fit, I have learned so much about myself, my industry and been given tools to grow TNF.

I have not been this excited in a really long time about something that was such a selfish endeavour. This is how I feel —>

Thank you Future Fit!


6 thoughts on “Fit for the Future

  1. It was an honour meeting you and I echo the humbleness at meeting alll the other incredible people doing amazing work and changing lives.

    It’s an awesome blog you’ve started, I’ve subscribed and I look forward to reading your other posts!

  2. Haroun, thank you for the most gracious compliment –

    I have been on such a high since last weekend! The energy has taken me all through the week!

    I also (finally) had an opportunity to visit The Hub, share lunch with the fellow Hub members & will be joining your space there. I’m really excited about that too because I see The Hub as a space to keep this energy going until our next session!

    • The Hub is an amazing place that’s doing good work, and I’m glad that you’re joining. I don’t visit there often enough, but I think I will more so that, that more amazing people who shared the Future Fit weekend are hanging out there.

      And we can collaborate on our individual projects and support each other to success!

  3. Collaboration is the crux of TNF’s work! We believe in not re-inventing the wheel and rather focusing on working with people who excel in these areas to collaborate and empower youth together.
    Like Gary said, social entrepreneurs lack the team, we need to build this movement together!

    • I agree, and it’s been one of my biggest learnings to work with others. For too long, I’ve allowed myself to be a lone wolf and work by myself, just this connection to you via your blog is changing that for me.

      Come drop by mine some more and leave more comments on my site 🙂

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