I am Woman, hear me roar (on SAfm)

SAfm interview

August: Women’s Month; an affirmation of our commitment to Women.

I had the honour of being on Nancy Richard’s show last week to discuss women’s month, it’s significance (if any) and my views on our evolution as a gender.

It has taken us some time to get to this point where we can show and celebrate the achievements of women and whilst this is important, I feel that Women’s month should not only be a series of parades, gala dinners and other events created to celebrate us.

I feel that Women’s month is an opportunity to discuss, debate and inform the public about the problems that women face, especially the abused, uneducated and dis-empowered women. But it shouldnt stop there, Women’s month focus can be on  highlighting existing solutions currently out there and encourage people to take an active interest or participate in campaigns and projects uplifting women.

Our discussion with Nancy was around this and I was really happy that Nancy agreed with my viewpoint on this matter.

For Women’s Month this year we (TNF – The Ntshulisa Foundation) ran a campaign called The Girl Affect Campaign.

af·fect   [v. uhfektn. af-ekt]

–verb (used with object)1.to act on; produce an effect or change in

Girl Affect Campaign

The Girl Affect Campaign empowered girls by providing them with power packs containing essentials needed by every woman:

  • new underwear,
  • sanitary pads,
  • tampons and
  • other toiletries.

Thanks to the support of Kotex, Bowman Gilfillan Attorneys and Investec, TNF is in the process of distributing a few thousand packs this year.

So come August next year, consider not only celebrating women, but what your role in the lives of women are and how you can be a tool of positive change in the life of a woman.


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