Real recognize real

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”

I have been humbled by the great people I come in contact with through my work.

The real soldiers, change-makers and miracle workers are in the streets where the change is happening.

After a day of riots in the streets of the city I call home, you have to wonder what are people trying to achieve by destroying that which people died to protect and provide for us.

Our freedom of movement and speech are being abused by violence and destruction through an army who pleads that it is their right to do so. Someone needs to educate the ignorant army about the real work that is being done in our Country by ordinary, everyday citizens who have taken the initiative to take responsibility for uplifting their communities and the lives of those people around them.

Meanwhile, I spent my day in Alexandra Township. With real people. Doing real things to change their community. With real tangible results – a happy, loving extended family of people all looking to live a peaceful existence and lift themselves out of poverty through education and supporting one another.

This is a picture that I took today with my Gogo in Alex.

Gogo is a real she-ro.
She spent 3 months blind this year and the minute that she recovered, she was back to work with the Alex AIDS Orphans project catering for over 150 orphans and their families in the township.


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